Myths About Hair Growth & Loss

Every woman wants to have thick, voluminous and healthy hair. However, nowadays there are so many myths about hair growth and hair loss. Should we believe them? What’s the truth behind all these statements? Let’s find it out in this article.

Myth 1. Biotin is a key to hair growth.

Truth. Well, what biotin actually is? It’s a water-soluble vitamin. It will only boost your hair growth if you’re in lack of it. If you’re not - it won’t help you alone, because you will need a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals.

Myth 2. Washing your hair with shampoo every day is good.

Truth. It’s actually a very bad tip that may lead to hair dryness. Your scalp produces sebum, which helps to moisten the hair. If you constantly wash it off, you only harm your hair making it vulnerable to dryness.

Myth 3. Don’t wear a hat if you don’t want to lose hair.

Truth. Well, it’s quite a controversial issue. On the one hand, a warm hat protects your hair roots and scalp from cold temperatures and wind, but on the other hand, it shouldn’t be very tight. Otherwise, your hair follicles can get irritated and this will lead to inflammation of the scalp as well.

As you can see, there are myths and there is truth. We recommend you not to trust every single haircare tip you hear. Instead of it get yourself a good shampoo and conditioner and regularly visit your hairstylist.

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