Natural Haircolor and Hair Health Are Trending

Over the past few years, we have been  dyeing our hair in almost all bright shades and neon colors that this season we wanted something more natural. Natural shades are the trend in hair coloring this summer! Of course, only if your hair is healthy and shiny. 

Here are some major natural hair color trends:

 - Shadow roots trend could be called just outgrown roots but this would be unfair to the skill of colorists, because it takes a lot of time to create shadow roots, and not everyone master can perform such dyeing. The shadow roots are darker than the rest of the hair. The point of such a darkening is the contrast with the light ends.

 - Baby blonde. It seems that there is no more beautiful shade of blonde than baby blonde. With age, the delicate shining golden hue darkens, that’s when hair  lightening comes to the rescue. Baby blonde is characterized by uniformity of color from the roots to the ends, while using smooth transitions from very light translucent tones to wheat shades.

 - Wine shadow. Fashion is cyclical, and we’re sure that you’re familiar with this expression. A few years ago, the burgundy shade of hair was considered a tasteless color, but now it’s a hot trend again. Choose any option from a bright palette: red shades of hair will make you a beauty in any case! However, keep in mind that this season stylists especially recommend try vivid wine colors.

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