Nontoxic Ways to Straighten Your Hair and Avoid Frizz

Have you ever heard about the Brazilian Blowout also known as thermal hair straightening or keratin straightening? If you often straighten your hair, you might have. As this method has recently become very popular, especially among people will frizz and curly locks who are dreaming about straight smooth hair. The effect of the treatment is long-lasting. You will be satisfied with the results till you decided to trim your hair.

The first step of the Brazilian Blowout is washing hair. A shampoo will clean your hair properly and it will be ready for the next stage, in which a stylist applies a straightening solution to your wet hair and then dry it. Later the hairdresser will take a flatiron in order to make the hair straight, then he or she will rinse it and put some conditioner for a few minutes.

At the end of the procedure, the stylist will cover your hair with a styling serum after which your hair will be blown dry. When the process is finished, you can enjoy looking at your shining straight hair.

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