On which hair does the Brasil Cacau effect have less effect? And why?

Brasil Cacau keratin straightening is a system based on keratin that can be applied to any type of hair in order to give it a mirror shine and smoothness. Brasil Cacau protects your hair from porosity and external damages.


The composition of the product includes not only keratin but also additional moisturizing and softening additives: cocoa butter and D-panthenol, which work together in order to achieve a healthy condition of your hair.


 You should try it if:


  • your hair is fluffy
  • your hair is rebellious
  • after numerous dyeings and perms
  • for hair that has lost its natural elasticity and shine
  • porous hair
  • damaged hair


However, in some cases, the keratin effect can be weak. What could’ve happened? Here are the main reasons:


 - You visited the sauna, took a hot bath or wet your hair, for example under the rain;

 - You are pregnant! This is an unexplainable phenomenon, but keratin straightening effect is much weaker on the hair of women who are going to have a baby;

 - Your personal perception. If your natural hair is super curly, and you didn’t get absolutely straight hair after the first procedure, it doesn’t mean that the Brasil Cacau didn’t work. The effect is accumulative, so you have to make 2-3 procedures for achieving straight hair;

 - The keratin composition wasn’t right for your hair. It’s absolutely normal as we are different, so is our hair, no one can be blamed for it.


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