Protecting Hair After a Keratin Treatment

Use Special Hair Care Shampoo

Your usual shampoo may be great but it won’t be good for keratin.

After the keratin treatment use only special sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. These products were created exactly for the after keratin use. The ingredients of these products settle on hair and prolong the keratin effect.

Sulphate free hair care products supplement the keratin that gradually washes off your hair. There are some brands of keratin treatment that have their own line of shampoos and hair care products.

Do Not Use Lots of Products to Your Hair

People who have curly hair need to use lots of different products just keep their hair hydrated. This way it doesn’t get frizzy. There are many products available: creams, mousses, sprays, foams and so much more.

People who have done keratin should choose just one of these products. Choosing more in order to eliminate frizz will not be much better. What’s more, using lots of extra products make the keratin effect weaker.

Procedure repeat

After 12 weeks you have to repeat the procedure for your hair to stay beautiful. Sometime later the grown-up roots will become visible.

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