Protective Styling: Everything You Need To Know

Hair dryer - the most common tool for styling, also used for quick hair drying. But, according to statistics, only a third of women think about the condition of their hair with regular use of a hairdryer.

Hair dryer minuses: Hair along its entire length has peculiar scales that protect the two underlying layers from desiccation and the loss of trace elements. When heated, the scales open, exposing the cortical substance. Further exposure to high temperature leads to dehydration of the lower layers. Hair loses shine. Regular use of the hairdryer is fraught with increased fragility, and over the entire length.

The solution to this problem is just a few simple tricks. Do you use a hairdryer regularly? Use a good moisturizing balm after washing that protects hair from draining. Is hair getting dirty faster? This is an appearance. Try to apply it only on the tips. By the way, styling mousses have a similar effect, unless they are aimed at increasing the volume. Such only exacerbate the situation. Also to reduce harm, it is recommended to use hair dryers with the regulation of the temperature of the supplied air up to the cold.
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