Reasons to stock up Brasil Cacau for six months ahead! How to calculate the amount you need in a beauty salon?

Nowadays the world is going through very hard times. COVID-19 pandemic actually forced many salon owners and hairstylists to stock up their essential products. What are the reasons of why you definitely should stock up Brasil Cacau for 6 months ahead? How can you calculate the exact amount of it for your salon? Check out our article and find all the answers.


In fact, after the pandemic is over each of us is going to face the price increase. At the moment there is an economic crisis in almost all economic areas, many enterprises incur losses. When the situation with coronavirus will improve and the products will be manufactured again, the manufacturers will definitely increase prices just to replenish their losses. We recommend buying Brasil Cacau right at the moment when the prices are fine.


Now let’s find out how to calculate the right amount exactly for your salon. One 1000 ml bottle of Brasil Cacau is enough for 7-8 procedures. In order to calculate how many bottles you should buy, take into account the following parameters:


 - the overall number of clients who do Brasil Cacau keratin straightening procedure;

 - the number of clients with short and long hair;

 - the procedure frequency.


This may be not that easy, but having done it once, you will precisely calculate the needed amount!

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