Salon business. Research of competitors

Nowadays there is a harsh competition in any type of business. Beauty salons are no exception. Without analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, it’s impossible to achieve the prosperity of a beauty salon. Time dictates the need to regularly analyze the activities of other salons, paying attention to the most successful innovations or acquisitions of the competitors.
How can you make a brief analysis of beauty salon competitors?
1. Make a list of your competitors whose activity analysis is most important. Use the information about beauty salons from the Internet or the advertising press.
2. Make it the responsibility of one of the receptionists to constantly monitor the activities of competing beauty salons, taking into account their assortment, prices, terms of service, the number of professionals, their level of qualification, the availability of a bonus system, discount systems, etc.
3. It’s also the responsibility of the receptionist to make a survey of clients and analyze information regarding the quality of services provided, as well as the pricing policy of various beauty salons.
4. Be sure to discuss the results of monitoring competitors with your employees. This will help to hear the opinion of colleagues, consider their suggestions for improving the work of the beauty salon, prevent mistakes, and timely introduce innovations.
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