Salon business. Service quality audit

Not knowing the possible problems that a beauty salon may face, you should not even think of starting a beauty business. After all, even if you manage to attract a lot of customers, they will become your one-time clients if your hairdresser or receptionist simply can’t meet the their needs. Most often, the manager of the beauty salon just can’t adequately assess the level of quality of services provided either in competing salons or in his own.
In order to assess the quality of services provided in the beauty salon, the owners use service quality audit. It helps to figure out the following things:
1. Are the types of services in your beauty salon well chosen? Are your services suitable enough for your customers? Are there in-demand types of services that are presented in the wrong volume or are performed on outdated equipment or using outdated technology? These and many other issues don’t depend much on the skill and qualifications of the salon staff, these questions are addressed rather to the salon management.
2. Are the services stated in the price list of the beauty salon performed well? Are there any complaints? The degree of client’s satisfaction with the service is very important as well. After all, if the master has perfect hair dying skills but for some reason personally unpleasant to the client, the overall satisfaction from visiting the beauty salon of the will be small.
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