Salon Decorating Ideas: 4 Do’s and 3 Don’ts

When it comes to your salon decoration, you have to be especially careful because the interior reflects your attitude towards beauty and clients. What are the essential do’s and don’ts when it comes to salon decoration? Keep on reading and find them out!
Do - think of your clients. First of all, find out who will be the average clients of your salon? There are lots of social groups like students, businesswomen, retired women, housewives, etc. You have to choose your interior according to the services provided!
Do - choose a theme. There are lots of themes, like floral motives, elegance, modern, classic. Choose one according to your preferences and the services provided as well!
Do - be creative. Feel free to show your creativity and imagination! Refashion some old styling tools and other pieces of equipment, for example!
Do - consider all places, keep everything nice and consistent.
Don’t - clutter your salon with unnecessary old-fashioned details! It always looks messy.
Don’t - look dated. Remember that if you choose a retro style, some items can date and age your salon. Be careful while choosing such things, in some cases, you should consult a professional interior designer!
Don’t - be afraid of art. We don’t say you have to buy out a picture from Louvre but you can decorate your salon with some nice posters and prints. They always look very refreshing and modern.
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