Salon Hair or Home Сare. What is the difference?

Smooth silky hair is not always a gift of nature, but the result of careful care and attention. To get such a result, some women buy dozens of advertised jars, while others leave much money in beauty salons. However, which of these ways will lead to healthy hair: salon care or home care? We will try to figure it out in this article!


What is the peculiarity of salon care?

In the list of services of most beauty salons, you can see not only a haircut, hairstyle and coloring, but also haircare procedures. As a result, the hair becomes smooth and shiny. The main advantage of such procedures is an instant effect. It can be achieved thanks to new technologies and unique formulas from leading haircare brands. These products contain a very high concentration of active substances and have a special application technique that is difficult to reproduce at home.

Another feature of salon care is the correct diagnosis of hair. It is often difficult for women to independently determine their hair type and current condition.


What is good about home care?

Shampoo, mask, leave-in spray or oil — it is on these products that most women pin their hopes in trying to restore or maintain the health of their hair. The key argument in favor of home haircare is its constancy and regularity.

Thanks to a wide range of modern products, every lady has the opportunity to find something similar to salon care at home by choosing the right product.

All in all, if you need to perform a difficult professional hair treatment, we recommend you visiting hair salon, however, post-treatment is something that can be successfully done by you at home!

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