Salon Management Trends 2023

Beauty industry is actively developing nowadays. We believe that every beauty salon should be at least aware of the latest salon trends. What are the salon management trends for 2023? Find them out in this article!

1. Changing the professional environment for better. Service culture. The culture of relationships – labor and partnership. The culture of resource use. The culture of using technology. Culture of education. Culture of communication. All these will matter. 

 2. Process management or "system to human". In "system to human", beauty entrepreneurs create a system, become a part of it, control and improve it. The staff is selected according to the philosophy and system of the beauty salon, and not vice versa.

 3. Automation of routine. Processes managed are very expensive. Only now, a very small part of the owners of beauty companies are starting to think about it. Technologies and artificial intelligence have already entered the beauty industry, changing approaches to customer service.

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