Salon Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a very special holiday that gives a person a great opportunity to thank his mom for her love and care for him once again. Of course, every person would like to make his mom a very special gift. What are the best marketing ideas for your salon on Mother’s Day? Keep on reading and find it out!
Statistics claims that US consumers spent about $23.6 billion on Mother's Day in 2020. 84% of residents of the USA stated that they celebrate Mother's Day. Thus, this holiday is a perfect opportunity for your salon to come up with some gifts and packages!
Don’t be too pushy! It always very annoying so the clients are likely to leave your salon without buying anything. 2 weeks before Mother’s Day start a promotional campaign on your social media accounts. Be light-hearted and engaging, for example, make a timeline of your pictures with your mother and ask your followers to share their pictures as well. Don’t forget to create a special Mother’s Day website page where you can give some examples of nice gifts (from your salon, of course!) and promote your gift cards.
Don’t forget to order more goods from your suppliers or negotiate with them, so they deliver you an extra batch of goods especially for Mother’s Day.
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