Salon Marketing Tips for the Back-to-Winter Season

It’s not that easy to accept the fact that the winter is coming back. There are so many beauty salons around, each of which has its tempting offers for your clients for the winter season! How can you keep your customers coming back exactly to your salon this winter and prepare them for winter season? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Offer special discounts on the hottest winter procedures.
For example, keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment are the most popular haircare winter treatments. Why not make a nice discount on them? You can also give free keratin shampoo and conditioner travel set if your clients perform these procedures regularly!
2. Refresh your retail area which could usually be ignored by the clients
Display some nice Christmas gift ideas, create gift sets, check if they are packed attractively. Put some inexpensive items by your windowsill. It can boost impulse buys, especially if some of your clients sit next to the window.
3. Offer on-the-spot discounts
None of us likes waiting especially when it’s winter. Do you have some spare time between the two appointments? Announce it on your Instagram stories! The first lady who will reply and book this time wins a 15% discount on any Christmas procedure that you’ll be able to perform considering the amount of time!
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