Scalp Care: Why is it important for hair health?

You can’t but agree that true hair health starts from the scalp. Neither liquid keratin hair treatment nor frizz-free hair treatment helps you if your hair scalp is in the poor condition. In this article, we‘ll tell you why the hair scalp is of great importance when it comes to hair care and how you should care about it. Keep on reading! 

You should understand that hair conditioners and masks act on the hair surface. The condition of hair follicles and scalp determines the duration of the growth phase. That is why all the tactics of trichological treatment are aimed at the improvement of the scalp condition and regulation of the sebaceous glands’ activity. Only by solving these issues, you can move on to aesthetic issues if any. 

To make hair healthy, people often use special dietary supplements for hair. However, if they still forget about regular and proper scalp massage, the effect of these dietary supplements will be insignificant, since most of the nutrients simply won’t reach the scalp. Use a massage hairbrush for a pleasant scalp massage every evening. You can also use shine oil for hair.

Nowadays many professional haircare lines have developed special scalp detox products that are aimed at cleaning the scalp from all the dirt and dust particles. Quite often such scalp detox products are produced in the form of an emulsion. Apply it before using shampoo. Emulsion cleans the scalp from environmental pollution and dandruff particles. This product is perfect for stressed, oily, or dandruff scalp.

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