Scalp care: why is it important for hair health?

The beauty of natural hair starts from the health of the scalp and that’s a fact. What can you do if you feel that your scalp is itchy or irritated and even your favorite hydration treatment for hair doesn’t work? In this article, we’ll tell you about the best scalp care treatments, keep on reading!

 1. Scrub. A scrub is required if you have oily hair. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells so your scalp literally starts breathing! 

 2. Ozone therapy. Have you been struggling with the oily scalp for a long time, but had no idea what can help you? Then this procedure is for you! If you are worried about itching or hair loss, then ozone therapy will help you as well! This procedure is allowed to be performed only in medical centers where there is a license for medical services. To feel the effect, you need to do a course of at least 7-10 procedures.

 3. Biorevitalization. The procedure is an injection into the scalp. A cocktail based on hyaluronic acid, as well as additional ingredients, most often vitamins and peptides, can be also injected using a controlled current, magnetic waves, ultrasound, or infrared laser. 

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