Spa hair treatments

Spa hair treatments includes a whole range of procedures. All of them help to maintain the beauty and health of hair. With their help, you can prevent hair brittleness, eliminate dryness or increased sebum production, nourish the hair with useful substances.

Spa hair treatments can be carried out using completely natural products: essential oils, therapeutic clay, algae. Such procedures are always complete relaxation, providing the impeccable comfort. The client receives not only professional care, but also emotional release.


What are salon spa treatments?

Spa salons can offer the following treatments to those who want to take care of their hair health:

1. Relaxing head massage. It helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp - it’s an excellent prevention of hair loss.

3. Hot wrap. It involves applying a nutrient composition to wet hair, followed by thermal exposure.

4. Scalp peeling. This treatment helps to get rid of dandruff, exfoliates dead particles of the epidermis, strengthens hair follicles, promotes accelerated hair growth.

5. Keratin hair treatment. This is a combination of relaxing spa treatment and deeply reviving procedure. 2 in 1 - it just can’t be better!

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