Split hair: what is it and what are the reasons for it?

If you are familiar with keratin straightening or hair botox treatment then you are likely to avoid having any problems with split hair. However, the majority of women around the world cope with this problem every day, looking for the most effective solutions. Why does hair split? Keep on reading and find it out!
Human hair is 80-90% composed of a strong elastic protein - keratin. Inside each thin hair, there is an elastic shaft (cortex). The outer part is covered with a layer of hard cells (cuticles).
Cuticle cells form scales, which overlap each other. They are directed towards the tip of the hair and protect its core. Accordingly, it’s the condition of the hair cuticle that predetermines such characteristics as elasticity and shine. Such characteristics as thickness, strength, and moisture content of hair depend on the condition of the cortex.
The life of each of our hairs is very short and ranges from three to five years. During this time, the hair grows, gaining length and mass, and is also exposed to intense environmental influences, resulting in fragility, dryness, and split ends.
In order to effectively cope with split hair, we recommend you trying hair botox at home. If you have curly hair and would like to straighten them, then try Brazil Cacau. It’s a keratin treatment that can be used for any type of hair to give it a mirror shine, smoothness, protect it from porosity and prevent hair waviness.
The composition of this keratin product includes not only keratin itself but also moisturizing and softening components like cocoa butter and D-panthenol, which will provide a really healthy condition for your hair.
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