Spring haircare: everything you need to know

Winter is a very stressful period for our hair: temperature drops, lack of vitamins, dry air, constant wearing of tight synthetic hats... All these factors make our hair weak, dull, and brittle. Quite often, after the winter season, hair starts to fall out. It happens due to some reasons. Firstly, it’s the lack of essential trace elements. Secondly, the hair follicles weaken because we constantly wear hats, although going outside without putting them on affects our hair even worse. What is the right spring hair care? We’ve got all the answers, keep on reading!
1. Nutrition. Nutrition is the most important component of healthy hair, and spring is the time to add vitamins to your diet. Try to eat more foods such as legumes, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts. They are responsible for the construction of the hair bonds. Besides, take care of improving digestion and elimination of toxins, introduce porridge into your diet, give up spicy and fatty foods.
2. Vitamins. Unfortunately, our hair doesn’t always receive enough vitamins from food, so in the spring it’s better to have a course of vitamins, especially now when there are plenty of excellent vitamin complexes in the market that will support your hair during the difficult off-season period. Make sure that the vitamin complex contains Biotin, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, calcium.
3. External hair care. This includes proper shampooing and the use of nourishing hair masks. Haircare can be divided into two categories:
- professional hair care (ready-made shampoo, conditioner, mask). There are also some popular treatments such as hair botox or keratin restoration.
- home hair care (oils, homemade masks, massage, aroma combing).
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