St. Patrick's Day Drinking consequences for your hair

Didn’t you forget that Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner? Do you have any associations with this day? We bet you remember wearing green attires, shamrocks and of course booze! This day won’t be the same without the traditional Irish beer and whiskey. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?


Now just hold on for a minute. Do you know what consequences your hair will face after alcohol drinking? You don’t?  We will tell you. Perhaps you will decide to celebrate this Saint Patrick’s day completely sober (which is the best option, by the way).


Our appearance largely depends on the condition of the internal organs. For example, the liver is responsible for the density of hair and clean skin. If it has to constantly deal with fatty foods and plenty of alcohol, then soon this can lead to hair loss and the appearance of age spots on the skin. After all, alcohol deprives the liver of the ability to remove toxins. The decay products of alcohol over time accumulate in the human body, which leads to blockage of blood vessels, so the blood cannot reach the hair follicles in the right amount. Follicles do not get the nutrients and oxygen they need from the blood, which results in baldness. Do you know any alcohol addict who has great hair? We actually don’t.


Did we manage to convince you that you can still enjoy that amazing holiday without drinking alcohol? Just try and you will see that alcohol does nothing but harm to your health. Take care!

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