Stop and stare: why does your hair grow so slowly?

Nowadays many ladies notice that their hair grows not as fast as it used to do. This problem is especially acute in winter. We spoke to trichologists and found out what prevents you from growing your dream hair. If you notice that your locks grow too slowly, perhaps one of the following reasons is to blame.


1. Lack of iron

The first and most common reason why hair grows slowly is anemia, or lack of iron in the body. We recommend you consult a doctor and check the hemoglobin level. If it’s below normal, then you need to add dark green vegetables, meat, seafood and legumes into the diet. Of course, apart from therapy prescribed by the doctor. 

 2. Lack of sleep

Melatonin is the hormone which our body produces only in complete darkness. It has a direct affect on hair growth and is especially active when a person is sleeping. If you sleep less than 8 hours a day, it’s alarming, and if less than 6 hours — it’s a real disaster. Lack of sleep can be a true reason of slow hair growth. 

3. You have completed a course of antibiotics recently 

Antibiotics harm the intestinal microflora, which directly affects the rate of hair growth. The intestinal microflora is our protective barrier, which gets damaged as a result of taking antibiotics, thus, toxins begin to enter the body. With the blood flow, they reach the hair follicles and destroy them. However, don’t worry! With the help of probiotics (or naturally), the microflora will recover, usually it takes about a month.


We only mentioned the most popular reasons of slow hair growth. However, consult a doctor in any case, as only a professional can find out a true reason of such a problem and thus prescribe a correct treatment. 

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