Strategies of salon product

We can’t deny that beauty business is a very popular type of business nowadays. Supplying cosmetics to beauty salons can bring considerable profit both for the supplier and the salon. 

For the owners of beauty salons, the retail of cosmetics has two undeniable advantages. Firstly, it’s a good way to increase the profitability of the salon through additional sales. Secondly, additional sales in a beauty salon are an excellent means to increase business awareness. 


How can you start selling your products to beauty salons?

 - Before you start selling cosmetics in a beauty salon, you need to make sure that your products correspond to the class of the salon. Clients of a business class beauty salon are unlikely to be interested in budget brands and vice versa.

 - You must know well your competitors, their pros and cons, and the principles of their work.

 - Determine the minimum, average and maximum turnover for your or a similar brand for the salon segment you work with. Find out what products are usually supplied and how can you use it for your benefit.

 - The distributor's task is not just to deliver products to the salon, but to jointly develop sales together with salon manager. This includes predominance over competitors, window dressing, retail area organizing, advertising and sales promotion, service.

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