Techniques for increasing product sales

As a salon owner, you know that not only services provided in your salon are important - so are the products sold. However, in beauty salons, in many cases, it’s harder to sell products than services. How can you improve this situation? Keep on reading and find it out in this article!
Here are the top-5 rules of sales in a beauty salon
- Beautiful shelves. The aesthetics of the place where the products are located is as important as the products themselves. Pick up beautiful showcases and shelves that will suit the interior of your salon.
- Thoughtful product display. This is where merchandising comes into play. It’s necessary to properly expose the products, and you will not notice how sales will fly up. Allow visitors touch everything that they potentially want to buy – so the chances of buying will increase.
- Know your customer. In order to sell something, you need to understand who will buy it. In fact, you have to convince a person to pay for the products presented in your salon, choose the right arguments.
- Teach your staff how to sell. Makes sense, doesn't it? However, many employees of beauty salons still use aggressive methods of selling goods. It won't work that way. The psychology of a modern client must be put first.
- Motivate the staff. The methods of employee motivation may be different, but financial is the most effective. In beauty salons, a percentage of sales of products is often used as an incentive.
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