The 3 Marketing E-mails You’ll Need for a Successful Salon

At the moment, in many countries, beauty salons are finally allowed to reopen again! Millions of women all over the world have been waiting for it for more than 4 months! However, like a beauty salon owner, how can you let your customers know that you are ready for them? We suggest you should use these 3 e-mails. What are they? Keep on reading!

1. The e-mail announcing the salon reopening. This one should be sent to all of your clients irrespective of how often they visit the salon and what procedures they prefer. Trust us, after the quarantine is over, you’ll literally have tons of clients striving for their favorite treatments!

2. The confirmation e-mail. You should send this e-mail shortly after any of your clients book an appointment. Specify the date and time of the appointment, thank a client for his booking. The most important point here is that in this e-mail you should warn your client about the health and hygiene rules of your salon!

3. The waiting list e-mail. As we have already pointed, you’ll have many clients, so some of them will have to wait for their appointment on a waiting list. Thank clients for their patience and promise to notify them when the next booking will be available. Be understanding and polite.
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