The Amazing Benefits of keratin treatment

Brazilian keratin straightening and hair restoration is a method of straightening hair by applying liquid keratin and applying hair straighteners. The procedure is done in order to improve the hair and restore its healthy structure. After this procedure, the hair is easy to comb, feels elastic to the touch and is lively and shiny.

This technique is suitable for all types of hair. The effect lasts from 12 to 16 weeks, it is possible to repeat the procedure every few months to maintain the effect. The Keratin method does not guarantee complete straightening of hair, but when used correctly, reduces curls by 80%.

If we talk about the positive aspects of straightening with keratin, we can distinguish the following advantages:

• The procedure is suitable for all types of hair, which is extremely important;

• Keratin restores every hair from the inside, making it smoother and smoother;

• Hair is moistened (stubborn styling, dry and curly hair takes on a different look, hair becomes more pleasant to the touch);

• Hair gets a shine like silk.
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