The Best Dry Shampoos for Thin and Oily Hair

Dry shampoo quickly became a must-have product for modern girls, and this is no coincidence. In just a few minutes, it miraculously returns freshness to the hair roots and gives a well-groomed look to the entire hairstyle. What does this product do to hair, and how should you choose the best dry shampoo on the market? Keep on reading and find it out!
The main adsorbent component of most dry shampoos is corn or rice starch or rice flour, less often talc. It’s only enough to apply the product along the hair parting, massage it, wait 3-5 minutes, and then comb the hair with a brush with small teeth.
Dry shampoos have gradually taken their place in the product lines of almost all popular cosmetic brands. Among them, many products don’t work well, but there are also some very good ones. The leader of this market segment is the British brand Batiste. It was exactly this brand which became the founder of the "no water" concept. This brand has the widest range of dry shampoos, including special products for brunettes and root volume increase, as well as many original fragrances to choose from. Another British brand, Colab, is also showing great results, although it’s not as popular as Batiste. In terms of price-quality ratio, products from Nivea, Got2Be (Schwarzkopf), Girls Only are pretty good - they are available in convenience stores, effective, and relatively inexpensive. We also recommend the products of brands of a higher price category: Klorane, Finesse, Cutrin. If you check the reviews on the Internet, then you’ll see that many girls praise Shamtu dry shampoo. Let's not forget that this product is specific and the format of the spray powder itself isn’t suitable for everyone. You can also try blond dry shampoo if you have blonde hair. If you prefer traditional shampoos and conditioners, we recommend trying anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner.
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