The best gifts for customers in spring!

Do you often give your clients gifts?  These can be some nice and small things that you offer to a client as a compliment. Many salons nowadays do it in order to attract customers and show the perfect salon service. What gifts for customers are the best this spring? Let’s find it out!


  1. Accessories. Spring is literally can be called a no-hat season, so every woman enjoys her beautiful loose hair. A thin silk hairband, a hair clip decorated with pearls or crystals will be the trendy gift to each of your clients.


  1. Nourishing (moisturizing) shampoos and conditioners. After winter our hair needs deep restoration. Dry, brittle locks don’t look nice, that’s why offering some nourishing products (travel - versions) is a great and useful idea.


  1. Discount on particular procedures. A great gift, especially if you can afford offering it on a pricey procedure. For example, suggest a 10-15% discount on the Brasil Cacau Keratin hair straightening. Keratin straightening is usually very popular in spring, so the discount on such a procedure can be pretty tempting for your clients.


It doesn’t matter what gift you will offer to your client, the main thing is the attention that the beauty salon pays. Remember it!

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