The best summer promotions! Increase your profits!

The summer is right around the corner, are you ready for it? It’s the season of holidays and vacations, so many women are getting ready for them right in the beauty salons. We bet that now you’re looking for the best promotions that will leave your clients satisfied and help you to increase your profits at the same time! Keep on reading in order to get some promotional inspiration from this article!


1. Beach hair promotion. You can give your clients a nice discount on hair procedures if after them they will take a picture of their hair on vacation somewhere on the beach, so you can post it in your Instagram feed, for example. A beautiful picture in your profile will definitely attract the attention of both your current customers and potential ones.


2. Rescue hair promotion. Despite the fact that many women prepare their hair for the summer season, not all of them do it. As a result after a week or two spent on the beach some women damage their hair. Make the following promotion: offer a 15% discount on the course of reviving procedures if a client allows you to take a picture of his hair before and after the treatment and tell a short story about his hair. Such content is always interesting to see on social media, so make a note of it!


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