The Best Time Management Tips for Your Salon

Time management is very important when it comes to a really successful beauty and hair salon with engaged staff and happy clients. Of course, remain organized in the beauty sphere can be a little bit overwhelming because you have lots of different tasks. How can you stay productive? Here are the top-5 tips!
1. Block out time for some important tasks.
Of course, unexpected things happen but if you need to do something crucially important, spare enough time for it. Perhaps having a loose schedule for such a day will be the best option.
2. Don’t distract.
For example, if you need to order some hair botox products or hair keratin products from your retailer, don’t try to complete a lot of side tasks at the same time.
3. Prepare!
In order to save time on preparation, have a nice handbook, use information sheets and all the other things that will help you to complete the tasks faster and spend more time with your clients!
4. Say “no”!
Sometimes staff can panic in some situations and come to you to ask for a piece of advice even if they can handle the situation themselves. Did some of your workers perform a bad hair botox treatment? Then he should find a solution himself without interrupting you from your duties.
5. Set daily and weekly goals
It’s a very important tip that will help you to increase your productivity. A loose schedule is fine but an all-time loose schedule is a disaster. Planning is the key to successful management!
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