The best way to revive your business after Christmas

Usually, December is a super busy and profitable month for beauty salons, however, January and February are super quiet as clients often face a lack of money for beauty procedures after having lavish holidays. Remember that re-evaluating your business strategy in this hard period is of vital importance. Keep on reading this article in order to find out how to revive your business after Christmas!
1. Advertise your New Year and Christmas promotions beforehand. Thus, you will be at the local completion among other popular salons and attract new clients with your advantageous promos.
2. New year, new you! Of course, you know that many people treat the beginning of a new year as a chance to change something in their lives, from trying a new diet and visiting the gym to changing their hair color or hairdo. Show your clients that your salon is a perfect place to rejuvenate their looks and have a fresh start with their new makeover.
3. Run a January promotion. In past articles, we have already mentioned that making an advantageous promo in January and February seems to be quite reasonable. In order to avoid the overwhelming influx of clients who would like to get a particular procedure at a lower price, offer deals on quiet days such as Tuesday or Wednesday.
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