The Reason Why You Get Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It

Of course, we cannot change the weather conditions that affect the hair, but there are some tricks that can be very useful. Use these guidelines and your hair won't stick to your lipstick or shine anymore.

Experts say that static electricity occurs when the hair lacks moisture. So follow this scheme:

Use moisturizing care products

This applies to shampoos and conditioners, and all kinds of creams, serums, and oils. Do not be lazy and find the time to revitalize your hair and get rid of static.

Limit the use of hot tools

Constant use of a hair dryer leads to static. If you choose a good protective agent from exposure to high temperatures, then you can prevent the unpleasant effects.

Forget about plastic styling tools

Of course, plastic products will be much cheaper than other products, but you cannot avoid static electricity when using them. Purchase wooden or ceramic tools. It is necessary to choose hairbrushes with natural fibers.
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