The Right Way To Wash Your Client’s Hair

1. First of all, prepare hair for washing, carefully unraveling and combing it well. Make sure that long hair is removed from the face and neck. Ask if it is comfortable for the client to sit and if it is convenient for him to hold his head like that.

2. Check the temperature, water pressure, and jet intensity. Water should not flow over the neck of the client, or fall on his face or clothing. Keep one hand between the sprayer and the customer's head. This will help you direct the stream of water so that it does not hit the face, and to constantly monitor its temperature.

3. Moisten the hair well with water without splashing the client. If you are dealing with long hair, make sure that all hair is under running water.

4. Apply shampoo, after having squeezed it into the palm. Spread it evenly through hair and scalp. Use just as much shampoo as you need for a certain length of hair.

5. Gently massage the scalp with fingertips using massage techniques. Ensure that the entire scalp is treated evenly.

6. Thoroughly rinse the hair after checking the temperature and water pressure again.

7. If necessary, apply shampoo again and repeat the process. Then, wash away all the foam from the hair and scalp of the client. Ask the client whether the hair is well washed. If necessary, rinse the hair again

If you wash hair with a client before applying keratin, use an anti-residue shampoo. Use it according to the instructions above. It is also recommended to leave the shampoo on the hair for 5 minutes and rinse.
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