The risk of flat irons and extreme heat

A flat iron works wonders: it can straighten wavy hair or, conversely, make neat curls just in seconds. However, flat irons are not so safe to use.

The first thing you have to take into account is extreme heat. This is the thing that actually makes hair straightener work. Check the following:

200-230 ° C (400-450 F) is suitable for thick dense hair;  

180-190 ° С (350-375 F) is the best temperature for medium dense, thick, porous hair;  130-170 ° C will be fine for thin porous, medium porous hair.

Even 130 ° C (270 F) is extreme temperature, isn’t it? So you should pay special attention to the regime that you use.

Plates of your straightener can also either do you good or ruin your hair. If you use the iron with a metal plate, we strongly recommend changing it. Such a device can severely damage your hair.

Ceramic plates treat your hair more carefully. Plates with such coverage are pretty good and have a reasonable price.

The highest quality plates are covered with tourmaline. These irons are considered professional and therefore cost more. However, if you use hair straightener pretty often, we recommend you to buy this very model.

If after reading this article you realized that your hair is damaged after years of using non - suitable flat iron, we have a great solution! Try our Brasil Cacau keratin in order to revive damaged hair. Just one treatment works magic.

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