The target audience for the Brazil Cacau in your salon

Still can’t decide whether it will be profitable to introduce Brasil Cacau into your beauty salon? We understand your worries, thus we’d like to tell you about the target audience for Brasil Cacau. Spoiler: most of these people are already clients of your salon!

When if not in autumn offer your clients the best keratin treatment on the market? Autumn is the season when our hair becomes dry, fluffy, and extremely static. Besides, our hairstyles don’t look their best due to the constant friction of our hair against hats and scarves.

So, what are the people who make up the target audience for keratin treatment?

 - People with dry and brittle hair 

 - People with curly, wavy, and frizzy hair 

 - People who often use heat devices 

 - People who would like to have straight hair for long 

 - People who noticed that the condition of their hair has worsened for no reason 

Brasil Cacau is a professional hair care product line presented by Cadiveu professional. The Brazilian straightening procedure is the most innovative and effective thing in the sphere of hair structure restoration with the smoothing effect. The composition restores and strengthens hair by increasing its strength and elasticity, improving the hair structure,  and saturating the hair with keratin.

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