Think small if you want bigger salon profits

If your aim is to add $25 to your workers’ profit, explain to your team that the $25 shouldn’t come from one client. This sum can be reached by a few dollars from different recourses.

Besides, it can’t be $25 every day. For example, during peaceful days when they have some breaks between clients, it’s much easier to add an extra $50 by selling some additional services than to do this on the wild weekends. But the week average should be the same.

Here are some ideas on how to increase your profit:

Up-sell a hair treatment during the backwash.

Turn an express manicure into a premium one.

Persuade a client to add some highlights to their usual shade.

Convince a client to brow not only her lashes but eyebrows.

Up-sell a bond builder treatment during coloring.

Persuade a client to have a cut-throat shave when he has his haircut

Convince your client to wax not only his back but chest.

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