Three everyday hairstyles that are 100% safe for your locks!

If you care about your hair and don’t want to damage it, then we recommend you not to tie up your locks with a tight elastic band or a scrunchie, as many of us do. There are a lot of more relaxed and safe options that will literally give your hair a rest. What are they? Find it out in today’s article!

1. Braid. This is a win-win option for any occasion, besides, it’s absolutely safe for your locks! What’s more, many hairstylists recommend braiding up your hair before going to bed, as this way your locks won’t rub against the pillow and therefore split! 

 2. Low bun. That’s another safe hairstyle option that will look good on any woman. In order for it to be safe, don’t use much hairpins or tight scrunchies. Remember that loose and quite messy bun is trending right now!

3. Heatless curlers. Yes, there is a good old way to create the amazing Hollywood locks without using heat devices! You just have to use soft heatless curlers, curl up your hair and go to bed then. Trust us, in the morning you’ll get quite elastic and shaped locks that look amazing!

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