Tips for fixing and preventing hot roots in your salon

Hot roots seem to be a real nightmare of a hairstylist: just imagine that after a dyeing performed by you, your client has an amazing hair color yet ugly brassy roots. A disaster? Not really, if your know how to prevent (and to fix!) this problem.

How to prevent hot roots: 

 - don’t dye all of the hair at once in a lighter color. The natural heat from the scalp can activate and speed up the action of the hair dye by the roots. This way the natural hair which is closest to the scalp lightens faster while the previously-dyed hair does it more slowly.

  - if there is a contrast between the outgrown hair and previously colored hair (for example, blonde hair with dark brown roots), you will have to use different color compositions for each strand.

How to fix hot roots? 

 - tone your hot roots. Just apply purple (or blue – it works better if your roots are yellow) toning shampoo to the roots and a little bit down the hair length just to smooth the line between your regrown hair color and the main hair shade. Wait for 10-15 minutes and wash it away.

 - use a cool-toned gloss that matches your hair color. Choose only cool shade even if you have warm hair color, as this will help to neutralize hair brassiness. 

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