Tips For Making Your Salon ‘Instagrammable’

We can’t but agree that nowadays social media becomes a great part of the business in general. When a client comes to your salon, he would like to share his experience on social media. This includes sharing the interior of your salon. Does it look Instagrammable enough? If you don’t even know such a word, go on and keep on reading this article!
“Instagrammable” means visually nice and appealing things. People usually take pictures of such things in order to share on their Instagram accounts. The term was introduced to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2018.
The beauty industry itself is very visual. Provide an Instagrammable backdrop for the pictures of your clients. Nice interior attracts the attention of the potential customers even more than the services provided!
In order to make your salon look Instagrammable, you have to consider several things:
Think of your clients. First of all, find out who will be the average clients of your salon? There are lots of social groups like students, businesswomen, retired women, housewives, etc. Will they like the salon changes? Instagram a thing isn’t for everyone.
Think about your salon’s brand and do everything according to it. If you don’t know where to start, begin with some minor things and then ask your clients if they like the changes or not. Stay true to who you are and to your salon concept as well.
Involve your staff. Team brainstorming is a great way to transform your salon. Ask your staff what they think you have to change!
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