Tips for Maximizing a Small Salon Space

A small salon space is not a big deal if you know how to visually increase the space with the help of some interior solutions. In this article, we’ll tell you about some lifehacks that will allow you to increase your salon space and make it really nice!

 - Light colors (white, beige, milky, light gray) always visually increase the space and add lightness to it. This technique works especially well when not only the walls, but also the ceiling are made in light shades.

 - Use mirrors. This trick can be called a small but important lifehack – mirrors always visually expand the space and add volume to it. Add a few large mirrors around the perimeter – the more mirrors in the beauty salon, the better!

 - The floor plan of a small salon should be as mobile as possible. It may be impractical to divide it into separate zones with the help of various partitions, so it’s better to leave a one large room. 

 - Special attention should be paid to the waiting room and the reception desk. It’s these two components of the overall interior that will make the first impression on the client. The waiting room should be as spacious as possible, it must have a small sofa or several comfortable armchairs, a clothes hanger and a small table with fresh magazines on it. It’s not recommended to make the receptionist desk too high, otherwise the client on a subconscious level will perceive it as a kind of obstacle on the way to beauty and perfection.

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