Tips on opening hair keratin treatment salon

Did you decide to open your keratin treatment salon? Woohoo, congrats! However, you have to consider several important things in order for your salon to be the best of all! Check out this article and find out several useful tips! 

The main steps to open a keratin salon can be described as follows:

 1. Come up with the idea. What will distinguish you from dozens of similar salons? At the center of the idea there should be an original concept that will favorably distinguish you from the competitors — and the competition in the sphere of keratin services is very high now.

 2. Prepare a detailed business plan for a beauty salon. It’s not an easy task for a beginner, so you may need a business consultant for the first time. 

 3. Calculate the budget. The biggest investments in business are training, materials and rental of premises.

 4. Choose the premise and furniture. In the business plan, it’s worth considering the costs of renting of the salon. 

 5. Decide on how you will attract customers. The first thing you need to do is to create an Instagram and Facebook accounts to get your first customers. Don’t be afraid to use the promotional services of your local influencers as well!

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