Tools for the Brasil Cacau procedure

To start keratin hair straightening the necessary materials must be prepared:

Deep cleansing shampoo, in other words peeling shampoo, cleans hair from the impurity left upon the use of hair stylers, including silicone and chlorine, which is contained in the water.

An agent, which contains keratin. Can be enriched by protein and vitamin complexes for more effective protection and recovery.

An airbrush for even hair application. Otherwise, this may end in excessive drying, because after use of the deep cleansing shampoo, they become less protected.

Iron for hair, preferably with ceramic or tourmaline coating and the ability to heat up to 230 degrees. Upon the lower temperature keratin will not infiltrate into the hair.

A hairdryer, which has a partial load mode of drying and cool air to avoid hair injury.

Hair clips, rubber gloves, a brush with rare teeth, a non-metallic cup, a paintbrush to apply a mixture.

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