Top 5 Rules of Client Retention

Your first task lies in inventing a USP (unique selling proposition). Cutting hair is a procedure every professional can fulfill. If everything you can offer to your potential customers is just cutting their hair, your business is unlikely to be a success.

One way to retain existing customers lies in suggesting and recommending products which help you care about your hair at home. Customers who purchase hair care products like their hair more than anything else. Offering efficient care products will make customers happy. As a result, they will recommend you to their friends and familiars.

Another step lies in asking for referrals. You undoubtedly wish to earn a lot of money. To achieve this goal, you need to be as busy and fast as you can. Clients more are apt to apply to busy professionals.

The fourth step lies in rebooking 80% of your clients. Rebooking clients means securing the next appointment with them before they make a purchase and leave your store today. This is a specific art which requires knowledge, skills and experience. Successfully rebooking 80% of customer traffic will make it possible to be in the top 10% of the hair market.

The final fifth step means delivering consistency. Be ready to work 24 hours per day. Never come late or leave early. Any changes in your work schedule should be limited to at least two times per every year. Develop brilliant business integrity. Gain a reputation of a consistent, dependable and accountable hair professional.

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