Top 5 Useful Programs to Take Your Social Media to a New Level

As a salon owner, of course, you have different social media accounts. Pay closer attention to them now: how do they look? Is everything fine with them? Perhaps it is high time to add something new or change that way of how you edit your profile pictures? We bet that you look at celebrity hairstylists and bloggers accounts and rack your brain over them being such professionals! However, you can become such a pro too, if only you check some new super cool programs. We are glad to introduce you 5 useful programs that will take your social media to a new level! Let’s go!

 1. Canvas. If you have no idea how ho edit pictures in Photoshop or simply don’t want to waste your time on the computer editing, this program is what you need! You can use premade templates and design literally anything you want!

 2. Hootsuite. We bet that sometimes you forget posting pictures on time. Use this program to schedule posts in advance!

 3. Planoly. A good profile is a consistent and cohesive profile. Use this program in order to upload and plan your Instagram feed in advance, so you can have a preliminary look at the arrangement of pictures in your feed!

 4. Unfold. A very nice program with a premade template that will help you to create beautiful Instagram stories.

 5. Unsplash. That’s a free stock of pictures that you can use anywhere. This program offers a huge variety of direct pictures which can be very useful.
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