Trends spring-summer 2020. Haircuts and straightening.

The spring is already here, can you feel it? It means that summer is right around the corner. Do you know the latest hairstyle trends that will be at the peak of popularity in the 2020 spring-summer? If you still don’t, then keep on reading!


 - Natural look. The latest fashion shows have set a new trend: very natural hair, which is a little bit messy, just like after you washed it and let it dry on its own way.


 - Curly hair with bangs. One more trend which you should rock if you have naturally wavy hair and don’t like to spend an hour on styling your hair.


 - Hair gel applied at the roots. A pretty bold trend. Apply some gel on the roots and brush your hair backward. Don’t fix it, let it be loose.


  - Low ponytail. A trendy option for an office.


 - Braids. No more complicated braids! Designers offer you classic braids made of 3 hair strands. Fix them with small scrunchies.


 - Sleek hair. A luxurious option for a night out. Brasil Cacau keratin straightening will help you to get such a hairstyle for long, so all you will have to do after the procedure is to comb your hair.


 - Different bob options. You have plenty to choose from: either sleek geometrical bob, or an elongated messy option - both of them are super trendy!


As you can see, there are lots of options, which means that you can be different almost every day. Stay beautiful!

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