Understand Hair Structure & Composition

Professional stylists know how important the determination of hair structure is. In this article, we will describe the most common hair structures. 

First of all, let’s check the hair composition in order to understand what hair actually is. The chemical composition of hair is 45 % carbon, 28 % oxygen, 15 % nitrogen, 7 % hydrogen and 5 % sulfur. The main element of the hair shaft is keratin. Hair keratin is hard, compact and strong. Sometimes your hair has a lack of keratin, that’s why we recommend trying our Brasil Cacau. Brasil Cacau is one of the best keratin straightening and hair restoration products on the market. It’s a very gentle but effective system that provides perfect smoothness. 

What is the hair structure? The hair structure is the thickness or diameter of the hair. Usually, there are three types of hair structure: thick, normal and thin hair. The thickness of the hair may be different according to the different zones of our scalp.

Thick hair has the largest diameter of tiny hairs. This is the strongest hair, however, this type of hair has great resistance to any exposure, including chemical. As a rule, the exposure time of cosmetic products for this type of hair is a little bit longer. Thick hair is usually more difficult to bleach, dye, and curl than thin and normal hair.

Normal hair thickness is the most common one. As a rule, such hair doesn’t have any special problems with dyeing, bleaching, and other chemical procedures.

Thin hair has the smallest diameter, which makes it very sensitive to any influences (thermal, chemical, mechanical). It is easily dyed and bleached, that’s why one should be very careful.

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