Unruly hair: how can you tame (and love) it?

Unruly locks is a fairly broad concept, as it can be tough, thick or porous hair.

The main criterion for hair disobedience is that locks can hardly be styled. Besides, such hair can be dry and unevenly moistened, devoid of shine. Does this description resemble your curls? Then these tips on what to do with unruly hair are just for you, keep on reading!

 1. Use conditioner after hair washing. It’s especially important for unruly locks, as hair conditioner is an effective way to prepare your locks for styling even at the washing stage.

 2. Don’t forget about the leave-in products. Most often, unruly hair is dry and unevenly moisturized, that’s why it’s so difficult to smooth such locks. With leave-in products, your locks will definitely get the right amount of moisture.

3. When styling unruly hair, it is worth using thermal protection. Do you have stiff and dry unruly hair? Then forget about hair drying without using thermal protection that will prevent your locks from moisture loss.

 4. Try Brasil Cacau keratin treatment.

Brasil Cacau is the innovative keratin hair treatment that will allow you to receive smooth and straight hair with no sign of disobedience! Brasil Cacau will quickly restore the smoothness of your hair, give it a mirror shine, and completely eliminate any waviness. Three components including keratin, cocoa butter, and D - panthenol will fully restore your hair with a minimum effort and maximum care.

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