We work with a customer base! How often should you remind customers about promotions?

Promotions! What a nice word which means that now you can get your favorite procedure for a lower price. However, many salon owners wonder how often should they remind their customers about the promos in order not to be very annoying and bothering? We will give the answer to this question in this article, keep on reading!


The more sources of notification of your customers you have, the higher the service level of your beauty salon is. You should constantly notify guests of your salon about promotions, special offers, and interesting events. Constantly means in the case when some new promotions appear.


You should develop your accounts on social networks and messengers. There are so many platforms nowadays: Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and so much more. Some people use only messengers, some prefer social networks, so you can notify many more people if you have several accounts of your salon!


Don’t be too pushy: it will irritate your clients and they will probably mute all the notification from your account. 1-2 times a week will be enough. If the client came to your salon because he was notified about the promo in a social network, there is another good idea: what about giving him a discount for the next procedure?

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