Weatherproof hairstyles

It’s already autumn, can you feel it? We consider it to be the most romantic and cozy time of year. Beautiful colored leaves, hot coffee, large knitted scarves, and hats... If you feel a little bit anxious about your hair at this time of year, we are here to give you several examples of the best weatherproof hairstyles that will be ok even if it’s rainy or you wear a hat. Check them out! 

 1. Different kinds of braids. Of course, you’ve tried classic braid, French braid, fishbone braid, but what about crown braid? It’s a super glamorous yet practical hairstyle. Just make a simple braid and wrap it around your head. Fix everything with hairpins and use some weatherproof hairspray.

 2. Ponytails. In autumn we don’t recommend making super sleek high ponytails for every day because they are not very practical and it’s hard for you to keep them beautiful throughout the day. Try loose low ponytail. It can be a little bit messy, don’t worry about it. 

 3. Messy loose waves. Eternal Hollywood classic waves and curls will be the best option for a night out in the club or a restaurant. Choose loose kind of beach waves for every day. They won’t be ruined by your hair or cap, staying pretty voluminous throughout a day. Just brush your hair after taking off the hat. 

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