What are the haircare rules after the hair lamination?

The result of hair lamination is smooth and silky hair with a mirror shine. Lamination is a good treatment for weak, dull, thin, and damaged hair, especially if you have dead hair ends. The procedure effect can last up to six weeks.
Why does hair require special care after the procedure?
The composition that provides the lamination effect is gradually washed off. If the haircare products are chosen correctly, the result of the procedure will be noticeable for a whole month or even more. If you use too aggressive hair care products and don’t follow the recommendations of the stylist, you can worsen the effect in a matter of weeks.
What should you do in the first days after the procedure?
It’s recommended not to wash your hair for the first two days. This is necessary for the lamination film to adhere to the hair. It makes no sense to use masks and special intensive hair care products: the lamination film simply will not let the active substances penetrate the hair.
If you’re going to dye your hair, it must be done before lamination. It’s not recommended to dye your hair after the lamination: the hair dye destroys the lamination film.
How to wash your hair after lamination?
There are no restrictions on the frequency of washing laminated hair - you can wash it every day. The main recommendation is to choose mild and sulfate-free shampoos.
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