What Are The Main Causes Of Hair Loss

We got used to the fact that many men, unfortunately, lose the greatest part of their hair as they are getting older or due to particular medical conditions. However, the hair loss problem is pretty acute even for women. What are the main causes of hair loss and what should be considered hair loss at all? Check out this article.Hair growth is a cyclical process, so moderate and gradual hair renewal is the norm. There are about 100 - 150 thousand hairs on a woman's head, a loss of 1% is a healthy process. Separate hairs can be found on hairbrushes or clothing. Loss of whole strands of hair during styling or washing means that there is a certain problem.It is easy to determine that the degree of hair loss has been exceeded the norm. First, pay attention to the tip of the hair that has fallen out. If it has a light thickening (hair bulb), it means that it fell out in the growth stage. If your hair falls out with dry ends, then don't worry. Secondly, try not to wash your hair for three days, and then pull the hair at the top of your head and your temples. If with each pull, more than five hairs remain in your hand, then this is a reason to contact a specialist.Among the common reasons for hair loss are the following:- Lack of nutrients in a woman's body.- Hormonal changes- A sharp change in temperature- Stress- Long-term intake of medicines- Tight braids and buns
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